1st Multiplier Event – Greece

On the 14th of September 2022, the Multiplier Event of the T-Shirt project was successfully held in Larissa, Greece. InnovED, as a proud project partner, organized the event with utter success with participants satisfaction and interest being at its peak.

Initially, the moderators introduced the audience to the project through an insightful and explanatory manner. Participants had the opportunity to get familiar with the activities that were conducted throughout the project and met the intellectual outputs from which they can actually benefit!

The T-Shirt Courses for Teachers was the first project result to be presented, showcasing its unique characteristics via is a complete approach that includes materials for teachers in order to understand and apply gender awareness and equality in the classroom.

The second project result which was introduced to the event participants was the T-Shirt Guide & Methodology Package that provides teachers with strategies and techniques for cultivating better gender perceptions and awareness amongst their students.

The last part of presentation was devoted to the T-Shirt Digital Resources and Tools, that encompass digital tools to-be-used by teachers to support gender equality teaching and learning.

Ultimately, the event was held in success, with participants and organizers discussing the useful and distinctive project character.

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