5th Multiplier Event – Romania

The 5th Multiplier Event was held on the 15th November 2022, at University of Bucharest, Romania. A total of 26 participants attended the event (4 teachers from Constanta County’ schools, 1 teacher from Bucharest, 7 teachers from Vâlcea County’ schools [4 urban schools and 3 rural schools], 7 teachers of Gymnasium in Bucharest and 7 psychological pedagogues that worked with pupils with special education/disabilities in inclusive system of education).

During the workshop was made a general presentation of the project T-Shirt by Associated Professor Ph. Urea Ionela Roxana (objectives, principles and training competences).

After that, an analysis of modules 1-4 of the course was conducted by Ph.D. professor Vartic Valentina and the contents of modules 4-7 were analysed by Conf. Univ. Dr. Urea Ionela Roxana.

At the end, the learning platform was presented by Ceornodolea Ionuț.

4th Multiplier Event – Greece

The 4th T-SHIRT Multiplier Event took place on September 14 at the University of Thessaly, Volos, Greece.

During the event, the following was done:

  • Erasmus+Project “T-SHIRT”, presentation of the projectand its objectives;
  • Presentation of the project results:
    • IO1:T-SHIRT Courses for Teachers;
    • IO2: T-SHIRT Guide and Methodology Package;
    • IO3: The T-SHIRT Digital Resources and Tools.
  • Exemplary training sessions, for participants and stakeholders;
  • Wrap up – Discussion/ Feedback/ Evaluation of the event.

3rd Multiplier Event – UK

The 3rd Multiplier Event was organised by Inova Consultancy and held face-to-face on the 14th October 2022 at Channing Hall, 45 Surrey Street, Sheffield City Centre (UK). A total of 14 participants attended the event.

The event was facilitated by Carolyn Usher (International Project Manager and Trainer/ Coach) and started by welcoming participants, introducing them to Inova, T-Shirt, and the project. Some time was spend introducing the topics of gender bias and conditioning, and imposter syndrome, and then discussed why gender equality is important, and what role schools can play in achieving this. In smaller groups, was discussed what is happening in classrooms. What is working, what isn’t working, what could work? After feeding back to the larger group, then presented the results of the T-Shirt project and shared the link to the platform. The session ended with the evaluation form and some time for networking and informal discussion with refreshments.

The event was overall successful and had both positive and constructive feedback. Some participants suggested that the sessions could be longer to allow for a more in-depth discussion and the content could be diversified to include examples from other countries and cultures. However, the majority of feedback was positive and participants enjoyed the chance to learn about gender equality in the classroom.

2nd Multiplier Event – Cyprus

The 2nd Multiplier Event of T-Shirt was held in Makedonitisas B’ Primary School, Nicosia, Cyprus, in September 8th.

During this day the workshop “The subject of gender equality in education” was held for primary school teachers, aimed to inform about the importance of the demolition of stereotypes that revolve around gender and are reproduced in education.

What happened in this workshop?

  • 30 teachers had the chance to share their thoughts and concerns about this critical issue;
  • They were introduced into the main purposes and goals of T-Shirt project;
  • Teachers were informed about the project’s intellectual outputs and to the platform;
  • Teachers played a Kahoot game, which informed them about statistics on the issue;
  • The teachers were presented with some techniques and strategies that can be used in the classroom;
  • Specifically, we talked about the role-play technique and project-based learning;
  • Main activity of the event: real-case scenario activity, teachers worked in groups.

1st Multiplier Event – Greece

On the 14th of September 2022, the Multiplier Event of the T-Shirt project was successfully held in Larissa, Greece. InnovED, as a proud project partner, organized the event with utter success with participants satisfaction and interest being at its peak.

Initially, the moderators introduced the audience to the project through an insightful and explanatory manner. Participants had the opportunity to get familiar with the activities that were conducted throughout the project and met the intellectual outputs from which they can actually benefit!

The T-Shirt Courses for Teachers was the first project result to be presented, showcasing its unique characteristics via is a complete approach that includes materials for teachers in order to understand and apply gender awareness and equality in the classroom.

The second project result which was introduced to the event participants was the T-Shirt Guide & Methodology Package that provides teachers with strategies and techniques for cultivating better gender perceptions and awareness amongst their students.

The last part of presentation was devoted to the T-Shirt Digital Resources and Tools, that encompass digital tools to-be-used by teachers to support gender equality teaching and learning.

Ultimately, the event was held in success, with participants and organizers discussing the useful and distinctive project character.

More than 70 participants at the T-Shirt Final Conference!

The Final Conference of the T-Shirt took place yesterday, November 15, at the Casa do Professor Auditorium, with over 70 participants.

Focusing on the theme “The role of teachers in the deconstruction of gender stereotypes”, all the project partners were able to intervene.

The results of the T-Shirt were presented in this Conference, among them an e-learning platform. Aimed at elementary school teachers who want to address and work on gender equality issues in the classroom, the learning space is composed of seven modules:

  • International, European and national policies for gender equality
  • Feminist research about education and gender
  • Biological and social gender – gender identities and discrimination
  • The role of gender stereotypes in society
  • Education and gender inequalities: the composition of the teaching population according to gender
  • Teachers and gender: assumptions, expectations and practices
  • The role of teachers in the deconstruction of stereotypes

The platform is in several languages (Portuguese, English, Greek and Romanian). Click on the button below to access.