2nd Multiplier Event – Cyprus

The 2nd Multiplier Event of T-Shirt was held in Makedonitisas B’ Primary School, Nicosia, Cyprus, in September 8th.

During this day the workshop “The subject of gender equality in education” was held for primary school teachers, aimed to inform about the importance of the demolition of stereotypes that revolve around gender and are reproduced in education.

What happened in this workshop?

  • 30 teachers had the chance to share their thoughts and concerns about this critical issue;
  • They were introduced into the main purposes and goals of T-Shirt project;
  • Teachers were informed about the project’s intellectual outputs and to the platform;
  • Teachers played a Kahoot game, which informed them about statistics on the issue;
  • The teachers were presented with some techniques and strategies that can be used in the classroom;
  • Specifically, we talked about the role-play technique and project-based learning;
  • Main activity of the event: real-case scenario activity, teachers worked in groups.

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