5th Multiplier Event – Romania

The 5th Multiplier Event was held on the 15th November 2022, at University of Bucharest, Romania. A total of 26 participants attended the event (4 teachers from Constanta County’ schools, 1 teacher from Bucharest, 7 teachers from Vâlcea County’ schools [4 urban schools and 3 rural schools], 7 teachers of Gymnasium in Bucharest and 7 psychological pedagogues that worked with pupils with special education/disabilities in inclusive system of education).

During the workshop was made a general presentation of the project T-Shirt by Associated Professor Ph. Urea Ionela Roxana (objectives, principles and training competences).

After that, an analysis of modules 1-4 of the course was conducted by Ph.D. professor Vartic Valentina and the contents of modules 4-7 were analysed by Conf. Univ. Dr. Urea Ionela Roxana.

At the end, the learning platform was presented by Ceornodolea Ionuț.

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