More than 70 participants at the T-Shirt Final Conference!

The Final Conference of the T-Shirt took place yesterday, November 15, at the Casa do Professor Auditorium, with over 70 participants.

Focusing on the theme “The role of teachers in the deconstruction of gender stereotypes”, all the project partners were able to intervene.

The results of the T-Shirt were presented in this Conference, among them an e-learning platform. Aimed at elementary school teachers who want to address and work on gender equality issues in the classroom, the learning space is composed of seven modules:

  • International, European and national policies for gender equality
  • Feminist research about education and gender
  • Biological and social gender – gender identities and discrimination
  • The role of gender stereotypes in society
  • Education and gender inequalities: the composition of the teaching population according to gender
  • Teachers and gender: assumptions, expectations and practices
  • The role of teachers in the deconstruction of stereotypes

The platform is in several languages (Portuguese, English, Greek and Romanian). Click on the button below to access.

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