Casa do Professor coordinates the project international on gender equality

Casa do Professor will coordinate an Erasmus+ international project on gender equality that aims to create a pedagogical approach for gender awareness and equality.

The new project coordinated by Casa do Professor T-SHIRT (Tools on Supporting the figHt for Issues of gendeR Traditionality and disparities) has as main goal fighting against gender inequality through teacher training and sensitization of students. Recognizing the importance of the education system in individual and social change, the new project coordinated by Casa do Professor proposes the creation of an approach, Greece, United Kingdom and Romania.

Over the next months there will be available numerous intellectual products intended for teachers, such as equality implementation courses, conscience and spirit of gender reflection in the room of class; methodologies that encompass strategies and awareness techniques from students to issues of gender perception; digital resources and tools that address the context of the contemporary school system with eLearning platforms, digital courses, content games and webinars.

T-SHIRT, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union and counts on the active participation of CSI – Center for Social Innovation (Cyprus); of InnovED – Center for Education and Innovation, from the University of Tessália and Xenios Polis, research institution (Greece); of INOVA Consultancy LTD (Kingdom United) and the University from Bucharest (Romania).

In the framework of this project, in 2022 Portugal will be stage of the International Conference that will disseminate the latest approaches by researchers and specialists in the theme of gender equality, promoting the sharing of educational practices inclusive. The President of the Casa do Professor, Jorge Soares, states that «this is a set of educational events organized by the Casa do Professor’s Pedagogical Innovation Center that, currently, integrates ten international projects. The development and sharing of more innovative educational practices is, in fact, a goal of our institution, which contributes, for decades, for the professional development and social intervention of educators and teachers of all levels of education’.

SOURCE: Newspaper Diário do Minho | PORTUGAL